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Alpha Home Alumni Update

August 23, 2022

Joy-filled Updates

Most of our Alpha Home Alumni maintain their connection with us, and with one another, long after they leave the home.  They gather as friends, brothers, and sisters to pray, network, and to celebrate life’s milestones.  So many of you have faithfully prayed and supported these young men and women from a very young age and we wanted to share some of their updates with you! 

We hope you are as proud of them as we are!

Nathan joined the Alpha Home when he was 3 years old after his father left, leaving his mother struggling to care for him.  He excelled in school and went on to receive his Bachelor Degree in Commerce.  Nathan is now pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration and has a wonderful job using his musical talent teaching young people.  We know God will continue to bless and use Nathan for His glory!

“I am thankful to God for his marvelous deeds. I am happy that God has given me an opportunity to go for higher education and also allowing me to have a job that will help me. I give thanks to the Hope Team for their support, prayer and encouragement throughout my journey. All glory to God for giving me these opportunities.”


Ajay is continuing to serve as a nurse in a local hospital – a dream that began after he joined the Alpha Home at age 8.  Ajay got married in June and we are thrilled to congratulate him and his new bride!

B. Anil’s wedding festivities last year served as a reunion for many of our alumni.  It was a beautiful celebration!


In 1999, the Alpha Boys Home was blessed with not one, but TWO Anil Kumars, so we began to refer to them with their first initial as well!  D. Anil lived with us until 2014.  He earned his Bachelor of Technology degree and is working as a Senior Consultant for a technology solutions company.  He is married now and has a son named Daniel Prince who just celebrated his 2nd birthday!

B. Anil was one of the first boys to join the Alpha Home and lived with us from 1999 to 2014.  He also graduated with a Bachelor of Technology degree and is now working as a Point of Sale coordinator. Anil and his wife recently welcomed a son named Shreyansh!

Dass was a member of the Alpha Home from 1999 to 2019.  He is now working as the Warehouse Stock Manager for a food delivery service.  He is married and recently had a baby boy named Abhi!

Vijaya Shanthi joined the Alpha Girls Home in 1999 and studied from Lower Kindergarten to 10th grade.  She is working as a lab technician and is married with two beautiful children named Shreyansh and Samanvi!

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