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Alpha School Reopens

December 9, 2021

Global Hope Partners’ original Alpha School is located in a small village in South Asia. It provides a quality education opportunity for underprivileged children in grades Kindergarten through 5th. During the COVID-19 lockdown, our dedicated teachers went door-to-door in the village to give lessons in small groups and ensure the children stayed on track.

In November, current families and alumni came together to celebrate the reopening of the school. It was a wonderful time of rejoicing and reflecting on how the school has blessed the community!

The students were THRILLED to be together again!


My daughter is studying in 4th grade at the Alpha Upper Primary School. My older son also studied there, and thanks to the strong foundation provided by the staff, he was accepted into a prestigious high school in the vicinity. We are forever indebted to the Hope Team for helping the poor and running a school in this remote village. Giving quality education free of cost to those who cannot afford it is an honor to us!