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Back to School Time

September 14, 2022

Global Hope Partners firmly believes that access to education will break the cycle of poverty. Our education programs impact the lives of children all over South Asia!  As children settle back into school here in the U.S., will you join us in a prayer for growth, wisdom, and safety over all  students beginning their new school year – both here and in South Asia? Let’s pray that together we can be a light in the world to those in need!

The Alpha Home has a new Home!

Over the summer, the Alpha Home moved locations!  The boys and girls are now together on a large campus with other children.  They attend a new school and are loving having a basketball court and playground!  We are thrilled with this new, safer environment and are accepting new applications from our partners throughout the area.

10th Grade Exams
We are proud of our 10th grade students who all passed their board exams and celebrated with a Biryani dinner!

Alpha School-Pakistan
Before the floods began, the students were overjoyed to receive new textbooks.  School is postponed until the flood crisis ends.  Please be in prayer for these families! 

Alpha School-India
Shortly after the new school year began, India marked its 75th year of independence.  It was a big celebration for the Alpha School students!


From everlasting to everlasting, the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children. Psalm 103:17

How Can You Help?

The Hope Team welcomed many new children into our programs after COVID that are in need of sponsorship.  Would you, your Sunday School, or church consider sponsoring a child’s future through access to quality education?  $39/month will change their future!