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Hope Attained through Vocational Training

February 29, 2024

A story of HOPE

Global Hope Partners’ Alpha Vocational Training Center (AVTC) sewing courses are a 9 month program for women of all faiths.  This time spent together not only results in a new skill and livelihood, but also an awareness of God’s love for them.

Jamna is a member of the AVTC sewing program in Pakistan.  When she first started the course, she was 3 months pregnant and overwhelmed with stress.  Her husband’s modest wages were not enough to cover the impending delivery of her baby, so she was facing a risky at-home birth.  However, through the skills learned in the AVTC, Jamna was able to earn enough to pay for a medically attended birth, even while she was still enrolled and learning! She safely delivered her beautiful baby boy, has graduated the course, and today she continues to contribute to the family income through her tailoring skills.  

We are so grateful to be a part of empowering the lives of women in South Asia by equipping them to contribute financially to their households. Will you join us in praying for them to grow in faith and accomplishment?

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