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Supporting Refugees in Their Time of Need

April 6, 2022

Each year in the cold winter months, the Hope Team distributes blankets to those in dire need of protection from the elements. Delivered with a message of hope, these blankets sustain the recipients and protect them from the elements. Thanks to the support of our incredible donors, the team recently provided blankets to those who were struggling in a refugee camp.  There they met Amena, who shared her story:

My family was killed for our faith by the Taliban, forcing me to flee Afghanistan. I walked alone for six days, three of them without food, sustained only by faith and prayer. God gave me a vision of two angels waiting for me and led me to the Hope Team who provided me a warm blanket and food. I rejoiced with my fellow believers!

In our darkest moments,
God provides!

Please join us in prayer for Amena and the many refugees being persecuted for their faith and pray God will continue to reveal ways Global Hope Partners can provide aid to the refugee community.