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Urgent Flood Relief

August 30, 2022

Offering Hope in Challenging Times 

This month, many areas we serve in South Asia were inundated with monsoons that caused significant flooding.  One of the hardest hit areas is in Pakistan where we have many ongoing ministry projects. With one-third of the country under water, entire villages have been evacuated, the water forcing families to live in tents along the highways with little access to basic necessities.

The Hope Team was heartbroken to learn yesterday morning that the children and even the teacher at our newest Alpha School were among those displaced by the flooding.  Although the school still stands, homes in this region are made of mud and could not withstand the floodwaters. 

With families living in the open air, there is a dire need for food and mosquito nets to protect from rapidly rising issues with malaria and dengue fever.

Please join us in praying for resources, comfort and perseverance for those affected by the flooding, and that they will experience the love of God through those who aid them.

Your generous gifts to Global Hope Partners’ Compassion Fund are what allow the Hope Team to quickly respond to crises such as this. 

$30 provides a mosquito net and a week’s supply of food for a struggling family.
To make a gift today to provide Flood Relief in Pakistan, please follow the link below:

Together we can be a light in the world to those in need!