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Wrapped in Love

February 3, 2022

Wrapped in Love… it’s a beautiful image to be wrapped in the love of God! Because of the generous support of donors like you, in 2021 the Wrapped in Love campaign distributed 340 blankets to those struggling through the harsh winter in South Asia.

A Hope Team Member begins the journey to deliver blankets.

One Local leader shared the impact he witnessed while sharing God’s love with those in need:

“We were distributing blankets and food supplies in a camp for refugees displaced when they fled Afghanistan.  The weather was bitterly cold, and these people had little to protect them from the elements.  They were so happy to receive the blanket and excited as they anticipated a sound night’s sleep.  After witnessing this act of kindness, the nearby villagers were inspired to offer some of their own clothing to the needy refugees!  It was a day of rejoicing through spreading generosity!”